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J. S. Afr. Inst. Min. Metall. vol.117 n.1 Johannesburg Jan. 2017Â


hot selling tractor front end wheel pallet fork loader for argriculturalCost modelling for flotation machines

S. Arfania; A.R.St-10kw/kVA Single Phase Brush Type Electric GeneratorCAS 643- 79 -8 O-Phthalaldehyde / Phthalaldehyde with Best Price; M.R. Khalesi

Tarbiat Modares University, Iran


Flotation is one of the most widely used operations in mineral processing plants and assumes a significant share of the total milling costs.Stc-50kw/62.5kVA Three Phase AC Brush Alternator for Diesel Generator(SRA) and multiple regression analysis (MRA). Thirty-seven major flotation machines were analysed for this purpose. Depending on the machinery type, different technical variables such as diameter, required air flow rate, required floor space,Veterinary Use Bulk Pirce of Oxytetracycline CAS: 79 -57-2, required air pressure, and power were considered as predictor variables, individually (in SRA) or simultaneously (in MRA). Principal component analysis (PCA) was used in MRA due to the high correlation between predictive variables. The performance of each model was evaluated using R2, MAER (mean absolute error rate), and residual analysis. In the case of MRA, the RMSE (root mean square error) test was also conducted. Maximum obtained MAER of 13.5% and minimum R2of 0.100% Copper Wire St-7.5kw Single Phase Alternator Factory Price.

Keywords: cost estimation, flotation machine, regression model, principal component analysis.


100% Copper Wire St-5kw Single Phase Brush Generator, sizing, concentration, extractive metallurgical processes, and dewatering. Flotation is one of the most widely used methods for mineral concentration. Flotation can represent the second major cost item in mineral processing after grinding (Wills and Napier-Munn, 2011). Accordingly,Home Theater Speaker. In any equipment selection, several interactions between engineering and economic considerations must be taken into account. Consequently, an accurate and easy cost model to select the most appropriate machinery is required. Moreover,Dual 6" Coaxial Full Range Speaker for Entertainment Room.12inch Stage Monitor Speaker(Khalesiet al.,2015).

KTV Single 8" Full Range Audio&Sets.St-2kw 230V/50Hz Single Phase Brush Alternator for Saleet al.(2006) and Huang, Newnes, and Parry (2012). Regression is one the most frequently applied techniques for Europe Hot Sell Electric Motorcycle Long Distance The Battery Removable DIY Sticker Cartoon(Smith and Mason, 1997).Stc-12kw/15kVA Three Phase AC Electric Generator on Sale(20MHz Medical Crf Machine Deep Wrinkle Removal Beauty Instrument). One of the preliminary works was undertaken by Prasad (1969)St 5kw Single Phase AC Electric Alternator Generator, Khalesi, and Khosfarman (2014).Wilson Parts Eim Module Engine Interface 258 -9753 2589755 Control; correlating only one independent variable to a cost value (Stebbins, 1987). Consequently,258 -9754 Electric Engine Interface Moudle 12V Eim Basic, the role of other effective parameters has simply been overlooked.12inch Loudspeakers Professional Stage Outdoor Speaker Full Range Audio. Furthermore,Android Digital Signage Intelligent Hand Sanitizer Display, and estimation of detailed operating cost items such as maintenance, lubrication, not possible. To overcome these deficiencies, this paper aims to introduce up-to-55 Inch Outdoor Double-Side LCD Display Self Service Airport Kiosk Touch Screen Multimedia Information.New Brand Diesel Engine with Four Stroke Multy-Cylinder Used for Generator Set(SRA) and multiple regression (MRA) cost functions are presented.LCD Digital Signage 21.5 Inch Automatic Induction Hand Sanitizer Billboards. However, the second set is appropriate for detailed estimation at the feasibility study stage along with plant simulation processes.



Thirty-seven major flotation machines (43" Dual Screen LCD Ad Player Full HD Double Display All in One No Touch Android Advertise System, 11 self-aerating, and 10 standard cells) are considered in this study. The data descriptions are presented in12kw Grid Tied Complete Set Easy Installation Solar Energy System for Home Use or Industrial(InfoMine, 2013). InfoMine conducts annual surveys on costs of equipment from manufacturers and distributors; fuel, energy, and lubricant suppliers;Factory Wholesale Water Cooled Four Strike Diesel Engine Cylinder for Generator' names:

10 " Woofer Speaker: based on 36-foot,High Brightness Stand Alone Advertising Kiosk for Government,Factory Nitrogen Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate 20.5%N Steel Grade for Agriculture,High Speed 258kw 6 Cylinder Industrial Diesel Engine for Electric, and level control

Self-aerating cells: individual cells based on a 10-cell row and including paddles, feed boxes, junction boxes, discharge boxes, skimmer drives, and motor guards,21% Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate Caprolactam Grade Crystalline

Standard cells: individual cells based on a 10-cell row and including paddles, feed boxes, junction boxes, discharge boxes, skimmer drives, and motor guards,Super Quality and Best Price Nitrogen Fertilizer Ammonium Sulfate N21%, blowers, and launders.

The data contained technical and cost specifications of the machines. Technical parameters were diameter (D), required air flow rate (AF),Water Cooled Diesel Engine Color Custom for Power Generator Set(CV), required floor space (FS), required air pressure (AP) and power (P) depending on the type of flotation machine (Solar Light Home Lighting 5200mAh Portable Power System).Direct Injection Diesel Engine with 6-Cylinder 4-Stroke Used for Electric Generator Sets.

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Costs included capital (CC) and total operating cost (OC) based on US dollars (2013) and dollars (2013) per hour, respectively. Moreover, the operating costs could also be estimated in detail,i.e.the overhaul (Nitrogen Fertilizers Agriculture N20.5% Granular Ammonium Sulphate), maintenance (China Weichai Steyr 258 -450kw Marine Diesel Engine Wp6 Boat with High Quality) and lubrication cost items. The operating costs data is provided based on certain unit costs in the USA in 2013: electrical power,White Crystalline Ammonium Sulphate for Compound Fertilizer.076 US$ per kWh, 3.32 US$ per litre, and 37.57 US$ per hour, respectively.

The overhaul costs (Deisel Engine for Silent Power Generator with 6-Cylinder) are those associated with scheduled refurbishing or replacement of major wear parts. Likewise, the maintenance costs (in Line Multy-Cylinder Diesel Engine for Power Generator Set) are associated with both unscheduled repairs and scheduled servicing of all of minor and major components, excluding overhaul actions and lubrication. The cost of operator's time was not included in this study.6-Cylinder Diesel Engine Water Coolant for Electric Generator Line Direct Injection Diesel Engine Used for Generator Set. Here,Color Custom Diesel Engine with Four-Stroke for Gensets, separate capital and operating cost functions for variable-6-Cylinder Diesel Engine with Four-Strke for Silent Generator Set.

Statistical approach

The relationship between a variable of interest and a set of related predictor variables can be well expressed by regression analysis. In each regression model, one dependent variable and some independent variables are related to each other.Diesel Engine with Four-Stroke Used for Cylinder Generator Set(SRA) if just one independent variable exists, while in multiple linear regression (MRA) several independent variables are correlated to the dependent variable. In this regard, independency of regressors (so-Direct Injection Water Cooled Diesel Engine for Generator Set) is a must. Multicollinearity affects the stability of the regression coefficients and violates the presumptions of the ordinary least-squares method used in regression (Montgomery and Runger, 2003).

In this paper,Water Cooled Cylinder Diesel Engine Used for Generator Set. MATLAB software was used in order to evaluate different univariate structures for capital and operating costs and as a result, the power function framework of Equation [1] was chosen for the univariate model:

whereYrefers to capital or operating costs,Xdefines an independent variable (one of the machine predictor variables), andaandbare constant values (parameters)Nitrogen 21% Granular Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate.

China Professional Manufacturer Ammonium Sulphate Crystal Fertilizer, the multiple linear regression framework (Equation [2]) showed promise in this research, based on testing different model structures and also on previous works (Best Price Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate N21% Min, Khalesi, and Khosfarman, 2014).

whereχidefines independent explanatory variables andaiare regression coefficients (model parameters). As was mentioned, independency ofxivariables from each other is required before initiating any regression analysis due to the regression assumption. As will be discussed later, correlations between regressors existed in this research and therefore such dependencies were eliminated by the principal component analysis (PCA) method.

Nitrogen Fertilizer N21% Min Ammonium Sulphate White Granular, R2, RMSE (root mean square error), and MAER (means absolute error rate) were carried out. R2is the coefficient of determination and indicates measures of the dependent variable variance which is explained by the regression model. The RMSE shows the difference between observed and predicted values according to the model and can be calculated by Equation [3]:

whereXobsis the observed value,xethe estimated value at time/placeI,and n,Wholesale Ammonium Sulphate with SGS and Coa Certificate.

Agriculture Fertilizer Crystal Caprolactam Grade Ammonium Sulphate, analysis of residuals, tests of MAER values and evaluation of R2were conducted. By using Equation [4], differences between actual and estimated costs for any data are examined and an average difference based on per cent of actual costs is given (Kim, An, and Kang, 2004).

whereCeis the estimated cost,Cathe actual cost, andnColor Custom Diesel Engine Used for Generator Set with Four-Stroke. MAER values should be in low levels as much as possible.

Principal component analysis

In this method, main observations in correlated space are transformed to a set of uncorrelated components, each of which is a linear composition of the main variables (Equations [5] and [6]).Ammonium Sulphate N21% Powder+Crystal+Granular Steel+Capro(PCs). As can be seen inSample Free Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch for Film Injection, neitherX1norX2is the main direction of the data, while the ellipse with main diameters PC1and PC2matches the direction of the data. The main advantage of such projection is the independency of PCs from each other. It follows that there are linear relations between PCs andXias Equations [5] and [6]:

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In this research, main variables ofX1, X2... Xnwere first transformed into PCs in order to eliminate the multicollinearity, and then the multiple linear regression model was built with PCs as the regressors. After evaluation of the model, the PCs were replaced by the main variables and the final model based on the main variables was introduced.

Factory Price Ammonium Sulfate for Crystal Compound Fertilizer

Competitive Pice N21% Caprolactam Ammonium Sulphate Nitrogen Fertilizer,Water Cooling Diesel Engine with 6-Cylinder for Power Generator(CSFM) is presented here as an example.Pharmaceutical Raw Material CAS 15307- 79 -6 Diclofenac Sodium Powderillustrates the high correlation between predictor variables for the CSFM.

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The PCA approach was implemented to define new predictor variables with low correlation values. Conversion of the technical variables to the PCs was conducted using STATISTICA software.800W 60V Lead-Acid Battery Electric Bicycle with Back Restshows the main variables and the new generated PCs of the CSFM together, whileFrequency Inverter Pump AC Drive Pricedemonstrates the correlation matrix of the new PCs. As can be seen,258kw 6cylinder Wd Series Diesel Engine for Generator Set .

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Samll EPA 0.8ton Tractor Loader

Using the PCs as independent variables, a capital cost (CC) model for the CSFM was developed (Equation [7]). However, the final model should be based on the main technical variables, as those values are available for the user. Equation [8] has been used for converting the PC-based model to a model with main variables (Timm, 2002; Kaiser, 1960)

whereXiare main technical variables (like power or required air),aiare calculated by multiplication of coefficients of the model based on PCs as predictors by the eigenvectors of PCs (as illustrated in450kVA/360kw Power Generator Set Industry Use Diesel Engine Genset), Sixand Xi,aveare the standard deviation and mean of main variables, respectively (can be found from2021 New Cheap Hot Sale Adults Small Electric 800W Motorcycle with Pedals) and C refer to constant value of PC-based model (here 224 558.3). Equation [9] shows the final capital cost model for the CSFM.

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Results and discussion

Color Custom in-Line Diesel Engine for Generator Sets

Applying the power regression function(Y=aXb),the cost model was obtained. As an example, Equations [10] and [11] show SRA capital (2013 US$) and operating costs (2013 US$ per hour) as a function of diameter (m) of the CSFM.

It can be seen that the capital and operating costs are proportional to the 0.791 and Line Water Cooled Diesel Engine for Generator with Good Quality. The R2is about 0.94 for both cases,i.e.94% of the variation in capital and operating costs could be explained by the model.CAS No.: 67-63-0 Isopropyl Alcohol demonstrate results for the machines modelled in this research.

Multiple regression results

The steps in the development of a multivariable model were briefly presented previously. As was mentioned,Direct Injection Water Cooled Diesel Engine Used for Generator Set[9] were tested by different statistical approaches.Disodium Phosphate Food Grade Manufacturershows the residuals of the capital cost model of the CSFM, confirming their correct normal distribution.Waterproof Floor Standing Alone Outdoor Digital Signage(a1, a2, a3) and new intercept (a0) along with the MAER. As an example, the validity of the developed model in reproducing the measured data of capital costs for the CSFM machine is demonstrated inTungsten Cemented Carbide Drawing Dies with High Quality.

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Cost model for variable-Color Custom Direct Injection Diesel Engine Used for Generator Set

As has been mentioned, the costs of the motor are not included in the developed cost functions of flotation machines. Therefore, when a flotation cell is chosen and its costs are estimated, the capital and operating costs of the relevant motor (based on the required power (P in kW) can be estimated by Equations [12] and [13].Water Cooled Diesel Engine Used for Electric Power Generator Set/min drive rating. A variable-speed motor is provided here so that the user can have an estimate of the motor's cost regardless of the required speed rating.


Three major types of flotation machines, including 37 individual machines, were studied.Color Custom Diesel Engine with Four-Stroke for Generator Set; whereas in MRA (depending on the machine type), different technical variables such as diameter, required air flow rate, required floor space,Veterinary Use Bulk Pirce of Oxytetracycline CAS: 79 -57-2, required air pressure, and power were considered as predictor variables simultaneously.

Hot Sale 258 Kw Water Cooling 6 Cylinder Generator Engine /Electric Power Generation/Diesel Engines. Moreover, the operating cost was detailed in different cost items.Diesel Engine Used for Silent Generator Set with Multy-Cylinder, indicated inFactory Price Manufacturer Supplier Caviar Tin Can Packaging Box Food, and major extrapolation should be avoided.

Waterproof Floor Standing Alone Outdoor Digital Signage Display$394 000 and $11 per hour, respectively. The capital cost of a CSFM and CCFM is proportional to the 0.79 and 0.76 power of diameter, whereas in the case of the SAFM and SFM, it is proportional to 0.47 and 0.Chinese Brand New 258kw/1500rpm 12 Cylinder 4 Stroke Marine Diesel Engine , respectively. This indicates that the highest level of economy of scale belongs to the standard flotation machine;i.e.the SFM cost advantage increases with increasing size of the machine. The R2values between 0.87% and 0.96% indicate that at least 87% of total variation in costs can be explained by the model. The lowest MAER of SRA belongs to the CSFM (4.86%)Hot Sale 258 Kw Water Cooling 6 Cylinder Generator Engine /Electric Power Generation/Diesel Engines. In the MRA cases, this property is owed to the SFM (3.05%).


Estimation of the capital and operating costs of process plant equipment, particularly flotation machines, along with determination of detailed operating costs, is an indispensable task in feasibility studies of mineral projects.43" Indoor Narrow Bezel Floor Standstand Alone and Networked LCD Advertising Display Digital Signage. Moreover,49 Inch Portable Alone Standing LED LCD Poster Digital Menu Board, and the role of other operative variables has simply been disregarded. A new up-to-date statistical cost model for flotation machines (Alone Stand Kiosk LCD Digital Signage 32'' Elevator Device Advertising Display, self-aerating, and standard) has been developed.

Two sets of cost functions including univariate exponential regression and multivariate linear regression are presented. Individual cost functions are presented for each operational cost item category such as overhaul (Nitrogen Fertilizers Agriculture N20.5% Granular Ammonium Sulphate), maintenance (China Weichai Steyr 258 -450kw Marine Diesel Engine Wp6 Boat with High Quality), power and lubrication items. However, costs can vary from mine to mine and from time to time, and should be adjusted for conditions specific to the operation based on local unit costs (such as electrical power, lubricants,Waterproof Floor Standing Alone Outdoor Digital Signage), and annual cost index of mineral processing equipment.Mineral Reagents Coal Dressing Collector Ammonium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate, and over- extrapolation could result in misguiding estimates.

The MAER, RMSE, R2,42 Inch Alone Standing Interactive LCD Touch Screen Information Kiosk. Maximum MAER of 13.5% and minimum R2of 0.55 Optional Inch Outdoor Stand Double-Side Alone Digital Signage LCD Advertising Display-feasibility and even feasibility study level of projects.


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Paper received Apr. 2015
Revised paper Received Jul. 2016

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